Staying on the cutting edge of technology is important, but nothing beats good communication. At ITS Resources we can help you do both, by equipping your customer with the skills and resources they need to make their staff shine.


We provide exceptional training on the latest communication equipment and specialized applications. With training on everything from basic hardware to advanced software solutions, we provide the quality support that your customer needs. Our classes are known for their strong content, quality presentations, and instructor technical expertise. ITS Resources will develop a specialized training protocol to meet the specific needs of your customer.


Our cost-saving, productive solutions promote the acceptance of new systems, allowing your customer to experience a smooth cutover.

We provide training on most major telecommunications platforms including: Avaya, Airbus Defense & Space 9-1-1, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Shoretel, Siemens, and Toshiba.

In­Service Coverage


A telecommunication cutover can be a stressful process. ITS Resources can ease the stress by providing your customer with the support they need to make the transition as smooth as possible. We provide unparalleled end user support with a system that extends classroom training to individual work stations. 


Our in-service instructors are highly skilled and well versed in the technical instruments your customer uses. With specialized, guided instructions, our team can help ease even the “less technical user” into confidence and control with their new hardware and software. Because learning is an ongoing process, we also provide your customer’s team with a full range of testing and support to ensure their new system never skips a beat.

Project Manager


Transform your customer’s telecommunication experience with assistance from an ITS Resources Project Manager. With years of professional experience, a project manager will help your customer acquire resources, coordinate teams, and handle any third party contracting to best fit their specific goals.


In addition, they can help your customer identify objectives, oversee quality control, and mentor team members to keep them inspired throughout the process.


Our project managers are intimately involved from development to delivery in order to proactively manage changes, avert crises, and participate as a liaison between project stakeholders. With their support, your customer can rest assured their project is in good hands.

ITS Help Desk


Refine your customer’s troubleshooting process with ITS Help Desk. By utilizing the software e-Link Facilitator (eLF), ITS Resources can help streamline the vital information needed to track trouble tickets and calls received at the help desk. Specialized reports can quickly show hourly, daily, or cumulative progress and project details. The eLF help desk management tool can virtually eliminate the paper nightmares of the past and allows your customer’s staff to focus on what’s really important – their business.

Database Collection


Well versed in new products, our highly skilled designers can provide expert advice and planning when your customer is in need of a new telecommunication platform.


Attention to detail is key in maximizing the value of a brand new design. With customized instructions and spreadsheets, our designers help manage a seamless installation process so your customer can confidently operate and excel in utilizing their new business tools.

System Designer


Your customer’s business needs a communications platform that works for them, not the other way around. Our system designers will analyze your customer’s current system to identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine whether it is best to modify the current system or create a new plan from scratch.


The designer will then create a model system that will be rigorously tested, and after approval, will create a detailed plan to develop the software. From concept to completion, the system designer will work with your customer throughout the entire process ensuring a clear, IT system customized to their specific needs.  

Field Engineer


Our highly knowledgeable and proficient Field Engineers can help configure, install, and support your customer with all their telecommunication needs. With experience in virtually every communication platform and equipment, our engineers offer exceptional skill and expertise to make your project a success.


With flexible scheduling, our engineers are available both weekends and evenings to ensure your customer gets the support that they need. With years of experience and knowledge, our field engineers will provide a smooth cut-over process as well as post-cut support.

eLF Help Desk


Help your customer enhance their process for handling “trouble tickets” with our eLF help desk software. This advanced system can review and send trouble tickets to a qualified team member for analysis. Once the team member has found a solution, the end user is notified and the ticket is closed. Reports can be generated to show hourly, daily, or cumulative progress and project details.

eLF Faceplate & Desi Printing


Elevate the customer service experience and save time with our eLF Faceplate. What makes our product unique is that vital station and location information is included on the faceplate. With advanced settings, the cable crew can confirm set type, room number, user name and other required equipment such as headsets or longer line cords and cable record information.


ITS Faceplates can also be sorted and sent out by any of the above criteria.

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