The Top 4 Benefits of Hiring a Telecommunications Contractor

With the surge in the use of innovative technology, businesses of all sizes have had to integrate telecommunications software and hardware into their daily operations. Unfortunately, this process is often complex, time consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, telecommunications contractors can offer effective, money saving solutions to meet your needs. defines independent contractors as “a self-employed person or an employee of another company that performs similar job functions as a regular employee”. Independent contractors can either work alone, or as part of a team of contracted workers.

For many business owners, the choice to use an independent contractor is not only preferable but advantageous. It’s no surprise that some of the largest and most innovative companies are opting to use independent contracting services for tasks big and small.

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider hiring an independent contractor who is dedicated to optimizing your telecommunications projects.

Here are the four top reasons:

1. Lowered operating costs: Apart from paying full time salaries to permanent employees, you also need to pay benefits such as sick leave, vacation, Medicare, social security, unemployment taxes, and withheld taxes to name just a few. However, independent contractors are only paid for the period of time they are in your service, and they do not receive any benefits.

Let us be clear about something; while independent contractors are often paid more per hour, the long-term cost savings of hiring these contractors are incredible. In fact, Forbes estimates that the benefits paid to full-time employees increases “your payroll cost by 20% to 30% - or more.” This money is saved if you hire a telecommunications independent contractor to deal with your project needs.

2. Increased quality of services: Telecommunications contractors are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Whether you need them to train end-users, install call processing hardware, unified communication software, design call center environments, or set up advanced call center monitoring applications, you can rely on their expertise. With full-time employees, training is often required, and they may need time to get acquainted with your current system. This is not a smart decision if you have time-sensitive needs.

Furthermore, if you use the services of a contracted company (as opposed to an individual contractor) you can benefit from a vast selection of specialists. This is perfect for businesses undertaking complex projects where multiple specialists are required.

Additionally, contracted companies allow you to form the same trust-based relationship that you have with a full-time employee, and you should start building a solid foundation from your first project which can then grow stronger with time.

3. Flexible working relationship: Despite your best efforts, you might not always hire the best telecommunications contractor for your business. Luckily for you, contracts can be easily terminated when the fit is not right, but the same cannot be said of a full-time employee who is protected by numerous state and federal laws.

4. Improved efficiency: Many business owners hold numerous responsibilities, and this means that their energy and focus is spread wide. With a telecommunications contractor you can delegate complex and unfamiliar tasks like software design, training, project management and field engineering. This frees up time for you to focus fully on core business tasks e.g. marketing, sales, daily operations.

What to look for when hiring a contractor

When looking for an independent telecommunications contractor, we recommend that you take these 5 factors into consideration: Integrity, Expertise, Track Record, Consistency, and Quality.

Whether you are a growing firm looking for a professional to complete a small telecommunications project, or an established business looking to implement complex infrastructure into your operations, hiring highly skilled telecommunications contractors can save you both time and money.

If you are facing a major telecommunications proposal, implementation, cut-over or in-service our advice would be to work with an established, contracted telecommunications company, which can offer a diverse team of skilled contractors to tackle the unique needs of your project.

Companies like ITS Resources can provide you with a large pool of top-notch telecommunication experts to choose from. Whether you need telecommunications training, project management, field engineering data collection or software design, our highly skilled staff will ensure that you get above and beyond what you pay for.

Still have questions? We would love to speak with you. Feel free to contact us today to explore the plethora of benefits to working with a contracted team for your next telecommunications project.

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